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The best Puma apparel patterns
The best Puma apparel patterns

Ok, so nobody’s going to drag you off the golf course if they don’t like what you’re wearing. But have you ever noticed that you feel better when you like what you’re wearing? Next time you’re playing, just stop for a second and think about how what you’re wearing makes you feel.

But everybody likes wearing different things: one golfer might lean towards the clean-cut classic look, while their playing partner rocks up with an eccentric, eye-catching outfit. The real question is: which one are you?

The best Puma apparel patterns

Looking at the shirts above, which we’ve hand-picked from our Puma range, there’s a pretty stark contrast. But that simply means there’s something for everybody! You could be strolling along in the quietly-fashionable Mattr Canyon polo and its smart, chest stripe design, or you could be making a statement in the Mattr Sunnies; boasting summer staples like shades, sun cream and a sun print within the all-over pattern.

We are huge fans of this summer’s Puma clothing range, and if you’re not already with us on that then we’d suggest swinging by our pro shop to have a gander at what’s on offer. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

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